In defense of THE NEW TODAY

Please grant me some space in your paper to respond to a posting that I saw by one Dr. Anthony D. Bridgeman who identified himself as a schoolboy friend of our Acting Commissioner of Police, Edvin Martin.

This posting was put up under a story which said words to the effect that the Police retreated from charging Mrs. Nicole Smith in the matter relating to cursing a white woman in the beating of her husband by this white family.

This so-called Dr. Bridgeman was taking issue with the article because someone said something about his friend Edvin Martin that he didn’t like and wanted to eat up THE NEW TODAY.

Dr. Bridgeman is attacking free speech because someone was quoted in the article as saying that he doesn’t have confidence in the Acting COP.

Dr. Bridgeman also took issue with THE NEW TODAY for quoting reliable sources in giving out information.

I took the decision to defend my favourite paper and to respond to this friend of Commissioner Martin after going on the internet and looking at BBC and CNN news to see if this so-called Dr. Bridgeman wrote to these two reputable media houses to complain of their frequent use of reliable sources in bringing out information to the public.

Maybe I missed something Dr. Bridgeman. However, I did not see your name in anything under the same BBC and CNN? Why? Only the so-called Dr. Bridgeman can answer the question.

I listen to CNN every night and always hearing the top reporters bringing out news from The White House and constantly referring to sources in The White House telling them this and that and the other.

CNN does not tell us who these sources inside The White House are. And I do understand why. It is the same thing that THE NEW TODAY is doing.

Maybe Dr. Bridgeman is looking for THE NEW TODAY to disclose its sources so that his friend Edvin Martin could know who it is and maybe even arrest them. Is that his motive?

I am also now wondering if this Dr. Bridgeman has a real doctorate because he is lacking in common sense.

Let us hope that he is not another Pastor Dr. Winston Garraway, the Senator with the fake doctorate.

You see Dr. Bridgeman when some people get a doctorate in the United States we have to look further into that because most of them could easily buy it.

And the mere fact that you are implying that a newspaper must reveal its source, it tells me that you are not that educated and lacking in commonsense.

Sorry, Dr. Bridgeman you have exposed yourself as lacking in education and commonsense. A White House reporter in the United States where you boast that you live will be out of business the same night if he ever disclosed the source of his information.

My brother is a member of the police force and is about to retire and believe me he has said that this present Commissioner is the worst that was ever put in charge of the police force.

Dr. Bridgeman, my brother went to the same GBSS like you and came out with plenty subjects too but joined the police force because he likes the military and did not go away like you but stayed and served the country.

His view is not in isolation as a lot of police often visit our home and I do hear them talking not too nice about your schoolboy friend, Edvin Martin.

Lastly, let me inform you of something that I often hear from them – they were in support of giving Martin a chance but they are now fed-up with him and the way that he is running the force.

Tell your schoolboy friend that one of the things that police are upset with him for is the fact that he is giving them tasks to do but wants to micro-manage everything even in policing matters that he knows nothing about.

Dr. Bridgeman, you can take this and bring it back to your classmate and tell him that a lot of policemen and even policewomen can’t wait for him to go.

Commonsense Grenadian

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