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Hurricane Emmalin at work

I want to congratulate you on an article in last weekend’s E-paper about tension between the Roman Catholic Church and the Ministry of Education headed by one Emmalin Pierre.

Mr. Editor, Emmalin Pierre should be renamed Hurricane Emmalin because she has mashed up the Ministry of Education and only putting her kind of people in the high positions in the ministry.

A case in point is the Chief Education Officer which your newspaper reported on before in a matter involving a Catholic member of Staff that went before the Public Service Commission (PSC).

The officer won her case and up to now the said officer cannot get to see a copy of the report which vindicated her of all the lies told by the CEO before the Magistrate who tried the case.

Please do not forget that a former government legal person who represented the officer accused the CEO in Education of telling lies during the hearing.

Let us wait and see what Emmalin will do with the CEO now that the report has cleared the officer because if the officer was in the wrong the PSC would have taken action against her.

Madam Minister, use your good office and get the report from the PSC for the officer since the NNP stooges in the service are trying to keep down the report.

The shoes are now on a different foot and this CEO of Emmalin is really unfit in many regards for the position given to her. Is it because the person is non-Catholic much to the delight of Hurricane Emmalin?

Under Emmalin’s rule, most of the staff that could do the work within the Ministry have been replaced with her supporters or her own religious affiliates.

Tell Emmalin to explain to us the appointment of the Pastor as Adviser in curriculum, a position that never existed in the Ministry before.

Hurricane Emmalin, please tell us and also show us the qualification of that person in the areas of curriculum. Madam Minister, this is not just about quoting the bible and reading scriptures.

Again, please look at the Statistics Unit within the Ministry as Emmalin and her team removed one of the best regional educational Statisticians from the Ministry along with other members.

Hurricane Emmalin mashed up the unit and the Prime Minister always keep boasting about his qualification and respect for Statistics.

Sir, the article is correct as the signs point to a plan afoot in the Ministry under Emmalin to push a deck of cards against Catholics.

Take a look at the following under Emmalin’s rule: – CEO in Education is not a Catholic, PS not a Catholic, Head of Exams is non Catholic, Person in charge of Curriculum is not Catholic, Head of Child Support is non Catholic and the person in Early Childhood Unit is non-Catholic.

Mr. Editor, the next time you get to speak with the Minister of Education please ask her if it is true that her nephew was sent to PBC when he was not supposed to go there since he passed for GSS. Is it true Hurricane Emmalin?

Madam Minister, a lot of Catholics are onto your game. Under your leadership, the Ministry of Education is sending too much non-Catholics to Convent and PBC and these children are not obeying the rules.

Hurricane Emmalin seems to have a plan to undermine the Catholic Church by sending in a battery of non-Catholics in schools controlled by them in order to get them to refrain from saying Catholic prayers and upholding their way of worship.

And Madam Minister why you asking THE NEW TODAY to go and speak to the Bishop to find out if that is the official Catholic Church position.

Why ask them to do that since you already know that Bishop Harvey would prefer to be diplomatic and not make any public pronouncement on the issue.

By the way Hurricane Emmalin, Catholics are free to express their feeling about you and don’t have to wait on guidance from the Bishop to speak out against you if they feel that you are trying to undermine the church and its principles.

Hurricane Emmalin, I have news for you because many Catholics strongly believe that you are trying to create a division between Catholic teachers and the Bishop.

Madam Minister, you are fully aware that many Catholic teachers have been complaining about what the Ministry has been up to with their policy against Catholic schools.

Madam Minister, we know that you see yourself as a future Prime Minister but please think again as you are very much too anti-Catholic for our liking.

The Catholic Preacher

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