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Horrendous and unacceptable customer service

Let me start off by saying how highly disappointed I am in the Customer Service I received from the Finance Manager of a water company in Grenada. While I understand that the Customer Service area can be challenging at times, the behaviour from this particular manager was despicable.

The following was my recent experience that I wanted to share with the people of Grenada as I am sure many people have experienced this type of behaviour from people in top positions that believe the rules do not apply to them.

I called the main office of this company to report a complaint about the disconnection at my home when there were no arrears to my account and my account is always up to date and not a single notice on the disconnection was given.

I called the Customer Service line to have the matter resolved. I was then told that the reason for the disconnection was because I did not apply for a separate meter for the small shop at my home. Note that I was not aware that a separate meter was necessary for the shop until 2 weeks prior.

A representative of the company comes to the house every month to take meter reading and not once disclosed this information to me up until 2 weeks ago which was odd to me.

There are numerous shops in the community and when I spoke to some of the owners they were just as clueless about the situation as I was. Note that the shop has been in existence for quite a while and it did not just appear out of thin air so this new information came as a shock.

Nevertheless, I then disclosed to the Customer Service representative that we only receive water twice per week and when we do receive the water it does not reach upstairs because the water pressure is always low. Therefore, I will not be applying for a meter for the shop and I will disconnect the pipe that runs to the shop to solve the problem.

Does it make sense paying rent for a meter and you rarely get water? Absolutely not! She then transferred the call to one of the managers as the matter at hand was beyond her level.

This is when things took a turn for the worse. I was transferred to the Finance Manager of the company. I relayed my complaint to her and asked that the matter be resolved ASAP. I disclosed to her that I would disconnect the pipe that runs to the shop and I would like a representative to come to the house and reconnect my meter because what they did was ridiculous.

It appears that she did not like the fact that I used the word ridiculous and she started to carry on in an imprudent manner. Yes, that statement was all it took to throw her off the edge and the recording can prove it. She was very unprofessional and blatantly rude during our conversation.

I then asked to be transferred to someone more professional because she was yelling and I could barely get a word out at that point. She refused to transfer the call and instead she rudely hung up the phone on me. My ear bell is still ringing from how loudly she slammed her phone.

As a manager I expected more from her but she acted like someone who dropped out of primary school with little education. To this point I am still in disbelief that a MANAGER would act in the manner that she displayed to me and I am certain this behaviour is a norm to her as she was so openly rude without a care in the world. That is certainly not the way to speak to a customer that is already displeased.

I am sure a company like that will have recording attached to their incoming and outgoing calls therefore I am appealing to the General Manager of the company to play that recording in one of their Customer Service training sessions to demonstrate how NOT to speak to customers.

I am paying for top-tier Customer Service and not reprehensible service from a manager who believes she can speak to customers however she feels like because of her high position.

Furthermore, to this point I have not even received an apology from the manager. I sent an email to the General Manager of the firm who passed it on to his PR (the PR was very kind) but the problem remains unresolved and I am certain that no action whatsoever would be taken against the manager.

However, if it was a junior staff that displayed that kind of behaviour he/she would have been disciplined immediately. On top of that I was later told that even if I disconnect the pipe that runs to the shop I will still be charged commercial rate, which is ridiculous as the water would not be used for commercial purposes.

I would like to appeal to the people of Grenada who have had similar or worse experiences like this to let your voice be heard. It is time for this company to give us the proper services we are paying for.

National Customer

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