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Heal the world – Heal thyself first

Albert Einstein is quoted as saying: “You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it.”

There is no disputing that who you are is determined by what you consume and how you spend your time.

Our attitude towards life determines when, if and how we get healed. We are what we eat and drink; what we read, watch and listen to; as well as what we write and say.

Healing oneself is possible. The body has the potential to heal itself under the right conditions. Our mind is a powerful force.

The first step in the process of healing is to believe and know that you can. Set clear and positive intentions for the day to get the desired results.

The second step is to conduct extensive research to better understand the pros and cons. How did I get here and what is the root cause? Pray for guidance and divine intervention and seek help from others.

The third step is to apply the treatment, whether drug therapy or herbal remedies, along with exercise and rest. Equally as important is quality sleep. Pay close attention to the number of hours of sleep you get, as sleep deprivation can have an adverse effect on healing.

Purified or living water is needed. Fruits and herbs are best to consume. Spend time in nature and get sunshine for absorption of Vitamin D to Recharge. Repair. Regroup. Re-energise. Rejuvenate. Revitalise the body.

The Body Healer