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Have you known toxic love, relationships?

I wanna kiss you but I want it too much. I wanna taste you but your lips are venomous poison.

Alice Cooper


Lustfully looking for what you want, desire and truly lust? Has your passion gone far to the right or left, demanding of others ridiculousness? Is your love so greatly divine that the person you care for is running far away?

Our society and the marketplace too have placed upon many of us a yoke that drives us towards expectations that are often not ours, but others.

Words like these come to mind…”Become somebody, Now you are somebody, never be second best, losers are snoozers, have to be worthy of their praise”.

Obsession, infatuation, blind devotion, craving desire come to mind, as the world turns and you languish in self pity and doubt. Your impulsion to achieve, avariciousness for love, attention, material gain and power boiling over within you.

You often want what you simply cannot have, and yet the desire is there with a belief there is a chance you can achieve, win or possess the thing or person you desire.

You need to be satisfied, your contentment a central focus, fulfillment required. How can this be achieved you ask? Ravenous hunger or lust for what you want grows within you, as your mind and emotions burst forth in flames of desire, despair or joy.

You need someone to show you generosity and understanding, a guiding hand perhaps. Out of control in thought and possible action, you need to be lifted up while you are falling down, showing you that toxic lust, love or passion are usually destructive.

What often results is never kind. A broken heart, a dream despised, an achiever’s passage blocked while what it is you want out of reach, often denied. What have you learnt from this fevered situation? Perhaps logic applied before emotions rule, control yourself always and think before you jump.

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Reality often stinks, but it is still reality. Life’s rules remain. Other statements come to mind, like” if at first you do not succeed, try, try again, or there are many fish in the sea (Love life possibilities).”

No matter who you may be, climbing the ladder of success, achievement or even personal growth faces you with loss, accidents and mishaps that will make you possibly fall or have to take a few steps backwards.

Poisonous thoughts, desires and actions never build up someone, but rather distract from the needed prize while often not fulfilling what you truly need. Toxicity is no friend of common sense, true love and understanding of others. If you know of a person going through such a situation either extend a hand in assistance or stay clear.

Like a virus, toxic emotions, desires, beliefs are contaminating and powerfully dangerous. Often logic will not find a place in their thoughts, a debate or discussion unwanted. Those who are inflicted are often single minded, determined folk, unwilling to give an inch while attempting to take a mile.

Ideological, sexual, political, personal emotional extremes are toxic to those who believe and all who are in contact with the inflicted. Toxic emotions can lead to self-hate, denial and project that emotion towards others. Violence can be one result of this mindset.

Remember the less you respond to toxic people, the more powerful your life will become. If you face a toxic person or situation, and you can run, do so. If not, don’t hesitate, Fumigate.

Steven Kaszab
Bradford, Ontario