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Gross disrespect

So the Prime Minister came Monday night and behaved like if he is speaking to a bunch of 8 year old children.

Why is he beating up and disrespecting people? Why this man behaving like if he is talking to a bunch of fools?

Keith Mitchell – you have no class…..none whatsoever. Keith Mitchell, you have to go.

Keith Mitchell before you do anything else, please explain the following for us:-

  • Explain the NNP business owners breaking the curfew
  • Explain the All-inclusive at Pier 57
  • Explain why you not paying Dorset Charles
  • Explain Annandale waterfalls
  • Explain Grand Etang
  • Explain the road breaking on the west coast
  • Explain contracting someone private to record and edit your address to the nation
  • Explain the letter to purchase spy equipment

Explain those issues to start ……and then we could talk…….

True Nationalist

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