Grenadians…A proud people or a begging people??

Grenadians, what will it take for some of us to wake from our slumber and sleep? Do we honestly believe that COVID-19 is not present in Grenada?

For the past couple months/weeks, how many of us have suffered with flu like symptoms and we just took it for the common cold. For some of us it had lasted weeks upon weeks and we ended up by our private doctors and was treated for either the cough, cold/flu, fever, respiratory problems, asthma, pneumonia or lung disease.

By God’s grace and the assistance of our private doctors, some of us made it through, at times, with a lingering dry cough or a sore throat. Some of our loved ones did not make it and we were told their cause of death was either asthma, pneumonia, lung disease and even lung cancer in the absence of a biopsy.

We took it for granted, buried our loved ones and mourned and grieved their loss. Now, can we be sure that it was not COVID-19 that we took for that “bad “ cold/flu, since the virus caries similar flu like symptoms?

Can we say that our Government and health officials are really coming clean and telling us the truth, or even have our interests at heart?

Three confirmed cases, so far, around the world; the first in St. Lucia, one in Trinidad and one in Canada has identified Grenada as a point of entry and departure when tracing the travel history of the individuals. These infected persons, while here on island would have travelled around, visited the supermarkets, stores, restaurants, banks etc, etc. and co-mingled. What about our workers at the resort who made the beds etc, etc.? Are they being traced and tested?

And our Government says as soon as they are alerted of other cases abroad, they will bring the information to us the people. Really? Is that proactive?

Do we really believe that Grenada is so “pure” that the virus is not present here, since we have not had one single confirmed case? Wishful thinking!! Some will live and some will die and we will never know.

Visits to Her Majesty’s Prison have been suspended, yet the prisoners are being brought out daily to attend court. Schools are closed, with children being left at home. Yet parents come out to work and go back home to their children – can’t we not bring the virus back home to our children?

This weekend another plane landed at the MBIA carrying Chinese nationals into the country again. What is it with the Chinese? If they so care about us Grenadians why is our healthcare and facilities so poor when they have the capability of building a hospital in 3 days. Their citizens and cities are now in lockdown while they are able to fly into our ports freely.

Is it because they are feeding us? As the St. Mark’s MP, Clarice Modeste-Curwen, reminded us some time ago. Has Grenada now become Chinada? We used to be a proud people, why have we resorted to a begging people?

Well, well Grenadians, if that is the case, “beggars can’t be choosers”. We must take what we get.

A Proud Grenadian

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