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Grenada’s opposition NDC party plagued by leadership conspiracy – (Part Four)

It seems that the devotion for disorder and destruction by way of the leadership conspiracy toward the National Democratic Congress (NDC) would be perilously manifested in the manner of the preparations for and the proceedings of the NDC’s Party Convention which is anticipated to take place by September 2021.

In terms of its conduct, conclusions and consequences, this convention could be the ‘most negative’, not merely for the party but for the country. Unfortunately, well intentions mingled or overpowered with excessive enthusiasm, by some members and supporters of NDC may cause further ‘disintegrating’ of the party such as happened surrounding its election losses in 2013 and 2018.

The result generally would be despondency and apathy for politics with an increase in the percentage of electorate not voting, and having vigour and value wooed by independent persons and emergent groups such as The Grenada Movement, indeed thereby facilitating and favouring the return of the New National Party (NNP) into Government.

How could real patriots and change advocates who are claiming Grenada is in a crisis, be blind about Vote Splitting specifically referring to NDC fans, NNP runaways and various political fractions?

Moreover, why does the realistic axiom “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link” been ignored in which the applicable and imperative issue is about the electoral system, the gateway to governance?

Whilst there would be those who are naïve to recognise, or who are not in a position and may never be in a position to experience, any ‘deceitfulness and destructiveness’ of politician Victor Nazim Gordon Burke, there would be people who know fully about whatever ugly personality of him, but have decided to ignore it because of their decorum, favouritism, and/or irrationality.

Moreover, whilst some people would not be interested to be in a position to discover, or to pay serious attention to the attribute and conduct of Burke, it appears that in the judicious judgements and determined denouncements by political analyst William Joseph, Burke is ‘not worthy and fitting’ even for divine redemption.

Particularly, the ‘very patriotic, uniquely polished, justly sensitive and proven prophetic’ Joseph sees that ‘brutal’ Burke would be an embarrassment, liability and failure as political leader for the NDC party, and by extension if he is appointed as the Prime Minister of the state of Grenada.

Mr. Burke must have committed the unpardonable sin (Matthew 12:31-32); he has done the worse hideous crimes which inflict tremendous lasting hurt to some individuals.

Unfortunately, the crimes would not be revealed or be debated thoroughly in the public domain, but the victims must continue to cry in order to ease their pains and to find redress by attracting solidarity of the people in the manner as has been the choice of the criminal Barabbas in the place of the saviour Christ (Matthew 27 / Mark 15/Luke 23).

The offended ‘decent and unblemished’ individuals, such as Mr. Joseph who resigned as a member of the NDC in January 2014, definitely would have passed the test: “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone” (John 8 & Leviticus 20).

Instructive is the Personal Statement by Joseph on his resignation from The NDC: “…My decision to resign was based entirely on evidence of serious misconduct, specifically; a set of deliberate lies … presented by Mr. Burke in relation to matters in which both the Party and I had an important interest. I was mindful to allow reasonable time for him to cooperate with special arrangements put in place by the Political Leader (‘Mr. Tillman Thomas’) to facilitate a settlement. Sadly, that did not happen.” – – – “while it is true that I do not favour Burke’s leadership of the NDC, for very important and objective reasons, I did not resign on that ground and it is certainly not raised in my letter of resignation.”

Furthermore, in a media news interview on the resignation in July 2018 of Burke as NDC’s leader, when asked about the possibility of the survival of the party thereafter, Joseph responded, “It could survive if it manages its wilderness period sensible and well. So the task facing the NDC … is to go through those processes in the wilderness period and come out a transformed party … so it cannot be an NDC led by Tillman or led by Victor …“.

Joseph who was a Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Tillman Thomas of the NDC-led government from July 2008 to February 2013, has being philosophising for “‘New Age Politics’ for building ‘The New Future’ for the Grenadian people”, and hoping that NDC will “seize the moment to show that it understands the times, and to make a qualitative difference”, by accepting and carrying his Vision.

Claiming that “I remain an NDC voter”, Joseph continues his ‘visionary mantra with passion’, also on The Bubb Report, 21 March 2021.

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Unless it is not in the providence controlled or ordained by the Almighty Creator Omniscient God, it appears that Burke is the “Best Bet” and the ‘most eligible’ to pursue “the charge in the fight to save our democracy”, this is the case when considering all practical factors including the not obvious availability, or not right-away coming forward, of ‘competent and conscious and concrete’ individuals who are willing to risk the defilement of their reputations and resources.

It is mindboggling and mysterious how with repeated pronouncements, indications and litany of alleged gross corruption in public administration, at great cost to the state of Grenada, including the erosion of its sovereignty, and with the host of deliberate unscrupulous dealings and criminal investigations in matters of the State remaining unsolved, the same political culprits get back into the Government, even with the weight of votes of ‘Christian’ churches, to the extent that the national crisis keeps worsening ‘exponentially’.

Despite detractors or objectors, there should be sufficient compelling reasons for Burke to be the leader of the NDC once again, with the good chance for the party’s victory at the next elections, and towards he becoming an ‘excellent’ Prime Minister, however, it may be good for him to forgo any such offer.

Burke needs to give deep considerations and consultations before responding to the call “to register his interest to return”, meaningfully, this should be on the basis of the great challenges and confusions which he would have to overcome, the certain strict conditions to be met, including adjustments in his approaches, the genuine cooperation to be secured from the national stakeholders, including the social partners and the Diaspora, and the understanding of the people about the predicaments, requirements and no quick-fix solutions toward the prosperity of the country.

Critical in the decision-making episode for NDC’s leadership is the forging of consensus and comradeship within the party going into its upcoming convention and the general elections, and of course during the ensuing Government, especially to combat all externally generated conflicts.

Regrettably, the hardcore members or the ‘top executive’ of NDC, specifically its General Secretary and Party Chairperson whose roles should augment the substance of the leader, seem to be inept, lazy and/or employed by conspirators, thus presenting a repulsive report and prospect of the party.

It must be known or be observed that any infiltration and lodgment by conspirators in NDC is also occurring along with a professional and powerful public propaganda thrust, including various opinion polls, aimed at swaying the pick for the party’s Political Leader and the nation’s Prime Minister.

The task ahead for any new Prime Minister of Grenada at this time is humongous, requiring mental resoluteness. This Head of Government would have to grapple with and navigate through the ongoing global pandemic and its ripple-effects such as contractions in almost all economic sectors; the institutionalised (financial and diplomatic) international obligations; the spiraling social and security problems; the poor infrastructure; the outstanding industrial demands; the reckless public debts; the dismantled constitutional structures; the demoralised public officials; the reassessment of investment projects and pertinent agreements; the culture of corruption, lawlessness and disrespect; and the different wishes, deals and expectations of various constituents including any coalition elements and the disillusioned and restless youth.

Further to this, Burke will be faced with intensified conspiracy instigating troubles, frustrating efforts and generally making “the country ungovernable”.

Considering his mistakes which caused him the loss at the March 2018 elections, Burke as an attorney ought to be conversant and vigilant on the electoral machinery, especially to take pre-emptive actions on the voter’s list and election agents processes.

As a past revolutionary, Burke was also slack on the ‘enemies of progress’, especially when politically planted and entrenched in the Public Service, which contributed to the downfall of the NDC’s Government in 2013.

It should be able to see that Burke was double-crossed and sabotaged by senior administrators in the Ministry of Finance and in statutory bodies on transactions of projects and payments.

Indeed, some people dislike Burke, deeming him as not being ‘charismatic and sociable’ but being too ‘prim and proper’, and moreover that his motives and moves cannot be fathomed. Amidst ridicules and accusations, he remained as a “lamb to the slaughter” (Isaiah 53:7) but resulting in being cleared on legal trials and criminal pursuits.

Burke seems to be ‘transformed and set’ for any fight including governance, as he hastily reacts with the attraction of various feedbacks, to a front page article on impropriety in the local THE NEW TODAY newspaper in August 2020.

J.K. Roberts