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Great disrespect

Grenadians, please read this thing that was put out by the Government Information Service (GIS) on August 21, 2021 that Honourable Gregory Bowen Appointed Acting Prime Minister.

It said the following: “Honourable Gregory Bowen has been appointed Acting Prime Minister in the absence of Dr. the Right Honourable Keith Mitchell. Dr. Mitchell left the state today on previously arranged personal business.

Although concerned about the country’s increase in COVID-19 cases, the Prime Minister is unable to further delay his trip, the primary purpose of which is to undergo his annual medical check-up.

It is the Prime Minister’s first trip outside of the state since the start of the pandemic and as such, his annual medical is more than a year overdue. Dr. Mitchell will return to the state on August 28.

Honourable Bowen will act in the capacity of Prime Minister during Dr. Mitchell’s absence”.

Grenadians, hope you understand what you read there. So….wait ….we health care not good enough for him….but the Grenadians have to stay in it.

He lock down the country and …leave his children inside while he gone … How much more disrespect we could take?

Why are we allowing this man to treat us like little children? Why are we allowing this government to do as they like?

The Truth Seeker