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Gouyave Cemetery – it’s an abomination of the worst kind

That Gouyave Cemetery will win 1st Prize in a world contest for nastiness is not debatable. Since it is just that: AN ABOMINATION OF THE WORST KIND.

The New Member of Parliament may well be aware of the foregoing since, before taking residence in the South, she knew the Cemetery from the day she was born; and, surely: during the years of her primary school days, she would have passed the cemetery every day.

Gouyave Cemetery – the resting place of not one, but two Governors’ General. Both being men of integrity, ability, dignity and pride, is now a “shameful disgrace”, to people who know what a cemetery should look like.

Certainly it is not only a place of concrete and shrubbery but a showpiece of irreverence and disrespect for those of them who have gone to plead our cause, and case with the divine,on our behalf..

This writer has been informed that the cemetery is under the portfolio of the Ministry of Health. The Gouyave Cemetery is on its death-bed! It has taken-on the macabre look of filth, and bush.

That’s not the way to treat those of them who would never have treated us this way. Sir, this writer visited the cemeteries of Sauteurs and Victoria and they are like years ahead of Gouyave. It’s as if Gouyave is just fit for its Nightlife; Vulgarity, and Obscene Language.

As a small boy of nine, the most beautiful place in the world was Grand Bras Cemetery. Seventy Five years later, though old, it is still a place of pride, to look at.

I have travelled the world, but whenever I see the opulent cemeteries, I still remember Grand Bras. I have no friends, or relatives buried there, but it taught me respect; and it reminded of human scarcity, and caring.

I cannot see the graves of John Fendie, and Effie Bernadine; the people who took-in this abandoned waif of a child: sent him to school, and to church. Fed him four meals a day, and taught him not to discriminate against people because of the colour of their skin. And bought me my first dog, – “TARZAN’, who loved me as he loved himself.

I cannot see the Graves of “Jimbo”, Net Captain “Precious”, my God Father; and “Blind Bow”; And “Tillaway®, and Michael “Sapotee”, and “Mr. Mannie”, who never mastered the art of reading and writing, when I was eight; but gave me a penny for coming Second to Borris Punch, who went-on to teach the former Minister of National Security of T&T, and Deputy Head of FIFA, Austin “Jack’ Warner, at Presentation College, Chaguanas, something he is proud of even today. Borris left us years ago, but Jack is still proud of Borris.

I can now let go of the sentiments but my bitterness of the nastiness of Gouyave Cemetery will haunt me with grief until the men and women charged with the responsibility of keeping my ultimate resting-place decently clean do so.

I know that I may pass-on before that is done, but I am promising that I shall haunt them, in life, and beg Satan to give me the job to BURN DEM! In the Far Corners of Hell!

George Joseph