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Global Chinafication

The Indigenous Peoples of the world have suffered under the ignorant mismanagement of their conquerors, Europeans, Americans, Canadians, British, French and Chinese.

China is now part of the Colonial Club, and the Tibetan People are indigenous to Tibet. Their oppression by China has continued.

As the Europeans and North Americans have done before them, China has been in the process of mass indoctrination of all its ethnic minorities, with Chinafication a central policy of the ruling Communist Party and the Leader President Xi.

Europeans before them, using religion and societal protocols as tools in their efforts to subvert and transform indigenous culture into European, and then North American.

The past decade has shown the America’s jut how wrong the indigenous peoples have been treated historically. With realisation hopefully comes what many call the truth and reconciliation process.

Many governmental departments simply throw money at the problem and move onto more pressing issues. Promises given, with indigenous expectations hopefully achieved in time.

I am not China bashing here. The Chinese have reached a level of financial and political power not seen in many decades. China’s wealth has bought them influence and political power as well.

While those who neighbour on China’s border have much to fear, with a military presence not seen in Asia since the days of The Imperial Japanese Empire, many nations face Chinese pressures upon them, their officials and their populations.

What China cannot buy into its political sphere, it attempts to acquire through fraud, intimidation, bribery and misappropriation.

What many in the diplomatic and professional political sectors will dare not admit to or say, is that Chinese Foreign and Domestic policy and its ideology is based upon an accepted Chinese belief that the Chinese are a Chosen People, who patiently will acquire the globe and through their leaders wisdom, and the Peoples Communist Party’s power transform the world.

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The Chinafication Process has begun in many nations, where Chinese cadres seek and train candidates and supporters. Learning Cantonese has never been more popular, as to understanding China’s place in the world today.

Taiwan is China’s next victim within their growing hunger for territory and political significance. Should Taiwan fall to China, much of Asia will recognise what the Borg proclaimed in Star Trek, but instead of it being the Borg it would refer to the Chinese.

It would go like this…”We are Chinese. Lower your defences and surrender your ships. We will add you to our societal and technological distinctiveness. Your culture will adapt to serve the Chinese. Resistance is Futile”.

China is doing what every great empire has done before it, accumulating wealth, power and resources, while protecting itself from both domestic and foreign threats. All we need to know is what those threats may be. Let’s see now.

* Freedom of thought, actions, pursuits, individuality, creative impulses.

* Loss of individual oligarch’s power, wealth and influence.

* Prideful ambitions to achieve China’s Full Potential. Ending of China’s Political, Social and Cultural Dictatorship.

Please realise that the Chinese of Beijing believe “that by assimilating other races into the Chinese Collective, the Chinese are bringing them closer to perfection”. The little Red Book says so (Mao’s Bible).

Global War is a distinct possibility. While the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict is controllable and isolated, China has far too many tentacles placed strategically throughout the globe.

A conflict involving China will truly be a War of the World.

Steven Kaszab
Bradford, Ontario