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Give them a chance

My personal feeling is that there are so many things for the new members of the government to do and they are yet not familiar with the working of Government, which will take some time.

Their political modus operandi is to play it safe, by putting the old guards in strategic position. If they did not do so, then people would complain that they voted for change and NNP is still in charge.

They are young leaders, and I think the ADVISORS might be a problem too. As you are aware the people in the CITY are usually the ones calling the shots as was the norm with the NDC party in government years gone by.

George Brizan was the only person in the history of the NDC who saw the wisdom in seeking the advice of the country folks. Andy Williams is doing a good job. He has politics in him.

The others are maybe still learning how to drive and with time they will surely get there. But my fear is the next election as the opposition may have an increase in their numbers. The patience of Grenadians must not be taken too lightly. We need to give them a year to get their politics right.

Surely, there are people who do not have the know-how about influencing others, if you have them in position they will only think about themselves and the position which they hold. They don’t have the ability to connect with the common folks who may not need much, but to be recognised when they make contributions.

The public workers will always give the NDC a vote in the future. The farming community is not feeling the Government as yet but food security is an important issue, and the worst thing is to have hungry people at your door.

The Price Control Officers are not at work, even though we are faced with situations in which the price of food items will increase. There is an urgent need for the Price Control Officers to be monitoring the escalating prices.

That is urgent, and shopkeepers must be made aware that their profit margin cannot be like in the past. It is unfortunate that the government is not being given the opportunity and time to GROW, but the patience of people is not like in the past, to them if you apply for the job, then they expect you to deliver.

All patriotic values are no longer of importance. Things will not be as we may like them to be, but this is the time in which we live.

I think it’s the duty of the Patriots to identify shortcomings and the politicians to find solutions. Working as a team is important, when they get it right we MUST let them know by the public recognising it. They are only humans.

The Cool Head