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“Gimme the thing is mine”

It is a sad day when our leaders no longer see themselves as servants but as masters. We have made fun of the PM’s rant and even put it to song but taking a closer look, we see him saying that your vote is his, that he deserves it.

To quote him; “gimme the thing is mine, I want it, I deserve it, I work for it.” He is not asking for your vote but is demanding it because he believes it is his and he deserves it. What is it he deserves, what is he claiming is his?

A parliamentarian is a servant of the people who should work for the betterment of the people he represents. Look closely at the representation and ask yourself, does he DESERVE your vote?

Putting aside the many corrupt things he was accused of, from selling the plane, to corruption in GRENLEC when he was Minister of Works under Blaize, to Garden Group, Restiner, Mt. Hartman and Fowl Farm, let us look at the recent happenings to see if he DESERVES our votes.

Where is the oil and gas we were promised? Where is the National Health Insurance? Where is the payment of the pension he promised in 2018? Where is the payment to Public Servants he promised?

Why did they have to demonstrate to get the 4% which is much less than the inflation rate? Where did the money come from to buy GRENLEC when the fiscal space did not allow to pay workers what they rightly deserve under the constitution?

Didn’t he say that the government has new investors for the Mt. Hartman project when the developer was indicted? Why is it that the same person is the deputy head of one of Grenada embassies?

Why did he side with businesses against workers and caused many to lose their jobs over the Covid jab? Did he represent the people or his own benefit? HOW CAN HE NOW SAY “AH WORK FOR IT, I DESERVE IT, IS MINE”.

I ask you, does he DESERVE any vote? As Wizard once sang, “show me the will” if you believe the votes of Grenadians belong to you.

The People’s Man