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GCNA & GCA grow up

In yesterday’s world one may have determined that the question of determined prices in the room for things was the supply and demand, but in today’s world that does not seem to be, since shortages are created by men, natural disaster or otherwise.

It is said/determined in unity there is strength, therefore if GCNA and GCA unite they should be a force to reckon with; while it is also said where there is no VISION a people perish, hence if there is no vision among both set of farmers all will fall down.

I would think that the Associations were formed to protect the interest of the small farmers in particular but it appears that they have not grown or intend to grow up to better take care of themselves.

When slavery was abolished some slaves were given lands to cultivate to earn a livelihood. Granted that they were exploited, had to share the produce and the cultivation taken back at some times and it appears that contribution implies that the cost returns or investment does not encourage investing there.

Even some slaves and plantation owners recognized that and so lands were given out, trees were cut down for various use, charcoal, lumber, etc.

Cash/short crops planted along with to be specific cocoa and nutmeg which yielded after five or more years while some income were derived from the cash crops.

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Growing up I did some gardening and moving from Primary to Secondary school learning a little more. I wondered why the agricultural sector could not/would not go forward. I came to the conclusion that cocoa and nutmeg trees had come to full age, producing quality excellent demand, cheap labour, hence the plantocracy just sat back and reaped.

Today there is competition be it from Ghana, Nigeria, Jamaica, Trinidad or the Philippines and some investors are prepared to take risks in manufacturing adding value to raw production be it Jamaica or Trinidad.

Where is the spirit of the Grenadian entrepreneurs? We did lime oil distillation and today it is no more. What about Nutmeg oil distillation – it never really got off the ground, and the concerted effort to manufacture chocolate with added value. Why?

The freeing up of today’s Grenada if properly done could be of great benefit to all. Certainly there must be structures in place to curb extremism.

Come on GCNA and GCA, for far too long the idea of developing the industries to attain more value has been in the air with little or no result. If it is that the format needs to be changed, do it and move on.

Simeon Green