Garraway – The Doctor Bird Fraud

On Monday 24th May, while waiting on a midday Press conference from the Ministry of Health, I was subjected to “Government Information” on the matter of preparedness for the upcoming Hurricane Season.

Pertinent and general information about preparedness, shelters etc, was given.

Thank you GIS for this useful information.

However, I must draw the line with GIS, which has been reduced to little more than a Propaganda arm of the Governing NNP administration. You are supposed to be a GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SERVICE, not a Party Parrot.

Why on earth do you insist on referring to the Senator with responsibility for Disaster Management as Senator the Honorable Dr. Winston Garraway?

The “Honour” of this obsequious character may be questioned? What cannot be questioned is the FRAUD that GIS is perpetuating on his behalf.

It has been well established that Garraway is not a “Doctor”. His so-called “Honorary Doctorate” has long been exposed as a FRAUD, as is the man himself for perpetuating this FRAUDULENT “Honorary Degree”.

If Garraway is a “Doctor” of anything, he must be just a “DOCTOR BIRD”.

The Birdwatcher

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