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Evidently some of us take some things for granted and they are at times accepted as the norm by society, but in law they are not legal, hence my frustration as reported in the papers should open the eyes not only of John Public but also very much that of the authority, that there are loopholes/flaws which need to be addressed.

  1. The laws pertaining to registration of persons to vote at General Elections/the need to not only have a Voter’s Identification Card but that it should be presented in order to be able to cast one’s vote on election day.
  2. The need to establish a National Identification Card. It is often said that justice must not only be done but it must be seen to be done.

Now, I wonder if the Voter’s Identification Card is a legal document to travel between some of the neighbouring states as said by the administration sometime ago. All matters relative to the interview let alone, but welcome Mr. Millet’s statement, “Be more aware of what is taking place”.

Permit me to deviate. The recurring decimal, the blocked drain at the Getto, Carenage, needs to be unblocked urgently, and in recent weeks we read, hear and experience some hardships caused because of bad condition of bridges and roads in St. Andrew’s, Marrast Hill, Molinere among others.

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Do not be surprised if part of H.A Blaize Street caves in soon, for as simple as it may seem very much storm and grey water runs into a hole in the drain on the opposite side between Spice Island Imaging Center and Andall Super Market.

You may not realise it/believe it/but seeing is believing as I saw last week during one of the days when we experienced and welcomed some lovely showers. That being said, I urge the authority to act now. Mend the fault before the cost becomes astronomical.

Simeon Green