The New Today


Forking up the whole place

Ah listen the victory speech
Ah like how they talk and preach
Plant back the clove and the nutmeg
So no Grenadian would have to beg
Although they brand me NNP
100 percent I de agree
Cause I am ah radical farmer
Ah like to plant food and ganga
But ah decide ah ent taking no work
To cutlass no land and fork it up
Ah see so many people volunteer
Like they want to fork up every where
They say the best practice in farming
Is to fork up the land before planting

Now they have ah new breed
They want to fork up the place with speed
But is not even farmers – forking up the whole place
I see certain clean lawyers- they want to fork up the whole place
Some ah dem doh need ah cent – to fork up the whole place
Some ah dem in Government – they want to fork up the whole place
No no, no I can’t stay quiet and just let them do that
Ah can’t just sit down dey and watch them dig up me country
We all have to play our part

Honestly, does this make sense to anybody- literally, poetically or otherwise? This sounds like the rants of someone who is in an advanced state of delusion. How can you premise a calypso on the fact that you have a great love for agriculture, yet you have to stop people from forking the land to plant. Then still cap everything by asking people to play their part. Bear in mind that this is just verse one.

The other verses are even more confusing, especially the third verse in which the singer calls for the lands in St. David’s to be used for other purposes rather than for agriculture.

So it is one of two things. The reference to forking is just an obscenity and has nothing to do with agriculture- in which case this is a nonsensical piece of vulgar writing. Or the reference to forking is in relation to agriculture which makes it an even more nonsensical and confusing piece of writing because the singer is saying that he will do whatever he can to stop that which he agrees from the beginning, will be good for the country.

Whichever way one chooses to interpret this, it is clear that a calypso of such a diminished lyrical quality should have had no place in a calypso final. And when the issue of originality is factored into the mixture, this was by far the worst calypso in the final.

We can safely say therefore, that Rootsman Kelly won a Calypso title with one song, Dy Nothing, which admittedly was the most loved song in the competition, but definitely not better than a few in the competition. In the words of the comedian fella from the Western side; They have to stop dat!

A. Andrews