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Fooling the fools

What happened to the 3.5B TT loan agreement with the Trinidad and Tobago government for the purchasing of the oil and gas pipelines to pipe the oil and gas from the offshore oil rig and platform?

First, the Russians were the investors then apparently the Chinese took over. Grenada fishermen were debarred from entering within two mile limits from the oil rig (s) and platform (s) out there.

All sorts of jobs for oil workers such as engineers and other operators for the Grenada offshore oil facilities were advertised on mostly foreign especially, Spanish sites. Trinidad and Tobago were granted the exclusive rights for marketing any and all of the oil found on this/these Grenada off-shore gas and oil facilities.

How more scandalous can things come in poor Grenada? He can’t discuss this issue of the oil and gas offshore facilities because of the highly confidential nature of the project and the parties involved. Where are these pipelines piping the products to?

Why should Trinidad and Tobago be given the exclusive rights for marketing any or all of the oil produced on the Grenada offshore facilities? Why were these jobs advertised on foreign media especially, Spanish media and not in the local media?

What happened to the loan of 3.5B TT for the oil and gas lines? Where are these pipes? Who replaced the Canadian and Russian investors? Where are the thousands of jobs and big paychecks for Grenadians?

Think! Big brother is watching.

The Grenadian Humanist