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Fooling the fool

I would like to understand why this clinic making the news in Carriacou is called a Smart Hospital.

Is it named after someone with the last name of Smart or is it another attempt to insult the intelligence of the people of Carriacou?

If the latter, it will also become another source of embarrassment as we demonstrate to visitors that our leaders do not understand the meaning of the word “Smart”.

There is a lot of talk about smart hospitals and there is a lot of money being invested to develop new technologies to help upgrade and redefine the healthcare industry but, although Smart Hospitals are the future, they are still quite a few years away from being implemented anywhere.

A smart hospital will require advanced IT infrastructure which I am not sure currently exists in Carriacou.

Will this clinic be equipped with internet-connected medical equipment? Will it include a lab with digital biological workflows and equipment capable of providing realtime diagnostics analyses?

A Smart Hospital will likely be equipped with Telemedicine capabilities but telemedicine also requires new types of consumer diagnostic devices for remote/in-home use.

A Smart Hospital will also need to be equipped with both high bandwidth network capabilities and a relatively powerful data center/data closet to ensure low latency communication and enable cloud computing/storage, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

Having a device in a home that is controlled by a smart phone does not make a home smart.

Likewise, building a clinic in Carriacou with more or better equipment than the existing hospital (which is desperately needed) does not make this new clinic a smart hospital.

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