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Experience is overrated

Professional politicians like to talk about the value of experience in government. Nuts! The only experience you gain in politics is how to be political

Ronald Reagan

I have seen so many comments that appear to suggest Dickon’s lack of political experience is a weakness.

On the contrary, it’s one of his greatest strengths. He doesn’t stand on the podium and promise you pie in the sky. He doesn’t stand on the podium repeating lie after lie.

He’s not a career politician with an agenda and a thirst for power. For years we have been asking for someone to step up and I applaud him for his efforts. They say those who forget their past are doomed to repeat it. For over 20 years we have suffered at the hands of ‘experienced’ politicians.

We have been led by a group composed primarily of senior citizens. In fact, more than half of them would be forced to retire if they worked in the public service. Can they really understand us? Can they really understand and implement technological advancements to move our country forward?

At this point I am willing to take a chance on a young and fresh newcomer. I am willing to take a chance on hope. Hope for better days to come and hope for change. Will they deliver? No one knows. When #SaferHands was first elected, he was given a chance. Did we know whether he would have delivered? Like many of you I have my reservations about the NDC’s ability to run the country with its slate of newcomers. But being a newcomer does not disqualify one from holding office. Keith was once a newcomer.

We won’t know if they can move the country forward unless and until we give them a chance. Mark Zuckerburg was a self-taught programmer who went on to create the largest social media platform in the world. Experience is overrated!

We have given #SaferHands numerous chances to lead us and they have led us to poverty, corruption and broken systems. Our healthcare system is non-existent. Our roads are falling apart. Is this the experience you are placing so much value on? Is this the experience you are voting for?

Political experience is not the asset it once was and surely should not be the deciding factor. Today’s politicians thrive on division and dishonesty. Consider the current UK Prime Minister, a career politician and a devout liar. The former Prime Minister, with her numerous years’ experience in politics and government, presided over the hostile environment policy that would lead to the Windrush scandal.

Over 20 years experience does not mean that you’re good at your job.

In fact, we’ve had over 20 years to see #SaferHands drag our country down.

He has had over 20 years to show us he’s not fit for the job.

If experience was a criterion the President of Ukraine would still be a comedian and Theodore Roosevelt would never have been President of the United States.

Going into this election there are many things I don’t know as I prepare to cast my vote: I don’t know what the future holds, I don’t know if NDC can deliver and I don’t know if the party can stay together and avoid the mistakes of the past. But the things that I do know are so overwhelming, that there is only one clear choice.

To vote for hope. Hope for an improved healthcare system, hope for opportunities for our youth, and hope that our children will have a better future.

Future Believer