Dropping the COVID-19 Guard

It is only a matter of time before the Covid-19 virus jumps up and starts transmitting again in Grenada. The confluence of forces gathering on the horizon presents an ideal opportunity for this virus to raise its ugly head once more.

Sadly it appears that our political leaders are either oblivious to the gathering forces or prepared to play Russian roulette with the population.

The virus is raging all around us from Brazil in the south to the United States of America in the north. In the case of America, the situation is getting out of control with intense spread in over thirty-seven states.

The data on testing positivity rates, confirmed cases, hospitalisations and deaths are trending upwards with no apparent end in sight because of the absence of leadership and an anti-science movement in that country.

However our leaders are prepared to risk the lives of citizens by creating loopholes in public health regulations that would enable hotels to bring in visitors by charter flights from North America.

How irresponsible and reckless can our leaders be, considering it is alleged that the same hotels planning on bringing in visitors from the United States have not agreed to house local staff in a quarantine environment or have them wear masks while on work?

Considering the virus has mutated to become more infectious and is aerosol no amount of enhance cleaning can prevent an asymptomatic carrier visiting from spreading the virus to hotel staff through the air. The infected staff will then become a host for the virus and spread it in the community where they live. This is exactly the kind of opportunity the virus wants to resurge and transmit. Our leaders must know that Grenadians lives matter as well.

The European Union have banned visitors from the United States because of the raging virus spread in that country, however our leaders see it fit to bow to pressure from hoteliers and allow hotels to bring visitors from that country knowing very well the high risk to staff and the nation in general.

Where are the Trade Union Council, Civil Society, Conference of Churches, and Opposition Forces to stand with the poor hotel workers whose lives are at risk? Where are the local ‘Black Lives’ protestors who recently braved the hot sun to protest against the murder of George Floyd? The hotel workers life matters too.

Since commencement of reopening the economy and easing of restrictions, containment measures to prevent the spread of the virus have broken down and it is common to see persons not wearing masks and physical distancing in public places.

There is a general feeling that Grenada is free of the virus and persons can go about their business as normal with nothing to worry about. This is a dangerous mindset to have because pandemics usually have three waves of infections and we are just in the first one.

During the Spanish Flu of 1918 the Caribbean went untouched in the first wave of the pandemic. The virus impacted Grenada well into the second wave in December.

Just think about that.

The True Patriot

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