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Downfall in National Security

As we move into a new year, a new era of 50 years after independence, a developing but changing society where security is paramount, the lone enforcement entity must respond by demonstrating strong leadership and management capabilities.

It must be understood that the fear of crime as we have been experiencing since the beginning of the millennium, has a devastating effect on society even more than the crime itself.

We must come to the realisation that it obviously cannot be business as usual, and so a new set of actions is needed to change the posture of policing today.

The current administration must take a good look at the structure of the RGPF and its construct as it relates to persons placed in responsible positions.

The public is becoming very concerned and from time to time asking questions like:-

*Are those in positions capable in terms of readiness for the job?

*Do they understand the needs of the state security requirements?

*Are the right people in the right positions?

*Are we seeing officers being promoted for the wrong reason?

*Why station duties especially at nights are still headed by Constables yet we keep hearing of promotions so often?

*Are the Ministry of National Security and the RGPF in synchronisation with each other?

*Is there a strategic approach plan in place to respond to threats of crimes to ensure public safety and security?

We cannot approach the beginning of the next fifty years experiencing the increasing number of crimes.

Thoughtful Observer