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Doubts about the coronavirus protection bill

As a citizen, I am extremely concerned with the way this consultation is conducted:

It does not allow for any transparency as per the grievances and comments brought about by citizens.

It does not allow for any meaningful exchange about the implication of some of the articles of this bill, particularly the ones that are the most contentious.

It restricts access in many ways:

(1). the bill itself is not made available for download in the press release,

(2). the very fact the electronic devices and access to internet is needed for citizens to access restricts access for many,

(3). the legal jargon of the bill is not easily understandable for the majority of citizens,

(4). the time allocated to review the bill is very short – community groups and other lobbies will find it hard to organise internal consultations and community meetings within this time frame.

Now even more than before, it really looks like this bill is being pushed down Grenadians throat and the motivations for that are increasingly doubtful.

At a time where the rest of the world is coming to terms with the fact that we cannot stop life from going on for an extended period of time, I seriously question the need for such a bill.

Magali Bongrand

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