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Don’t try that PM

Did anyone understand that on Sunday when Keith Mitchell said he was going to pay Pension his plan was to continue to dishonor the laws of Grenada and pay Pension according to his law and continue to disrespect the judgement of the Court and the Constitution of Grenada?

The law says after 26 and 2/3 years a Public Officer retiring is entitled to Pension. PM Keith says he will pay immediately after elections all retirees who retired in 2022 who have attained the age of 60.

Well the law says to pay every retiree who made 26 and 2/3 years. So Dr. Keith intends to disregard some retirees. Who is Dr. Keith seeking to fool with that?

I hope Public Officers are paying attention and know what the law says. Dr. Keith intends to violate the laws of Grenada over and over again and seek to deprive Public Officers of a Pension when he and his entire Cabinet already receive Gratuity and Pension payout for this term in office.

Shame on Keith Mitchell – always seeking to oppress Public Officers.

Retired Public Officer