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Doing my bit

To be clear I am persistently sharing Statistics and articles and put forth arguments that support vaccination. I do it because many people that I love and care about are either on the fence or adamant against vaccines. Many of them have very strong arguments as to why and many of those arguments have merit.

What I have also found is that many of the reasons focus on specifics and as conversations are had we all start to discover a wider spectrum of considerations that bring home the reality of what we are facing.

I truly don’t think anyone in our group didn’t expect an outbreak but as it starts unfolding, the gravity of the impact this can have on our Grenada and more importantly our loved ones. Now that we have community spread we gasp at the newly discovered cases daily.

These are just that, “discovered” because we don’t have widespread testing in place. Instead we contact, trace and test around those who come forward exhibiting symptoms while those who fall through the web and experience no symptoms spread it across Grenada.

In the early stages of this outbreak we are already close to capacity at the hospital for Covid ward, keeping in mind that we have less than 10 ventilators. Need I say that at the best of times any of us would have a grave concern of being hospitalised in Grenada? When last have any of you visited someone there? Can you imagine an outbreak in any ward?!

So ultimately I know that many will get Covid and survive and that being vaccinated doesn’t prevent us from getting or transmitting it. It does however keep us alive less likely to transmit it, and the more that have it the more protected we are as society.

So I have made a conscious choice many months ago to be persistent in my message and keep listening to the arguments against and learn more about it and keep the conversation open in hopes to continue to help people I love make the right decision.

True Grenadian