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Do so, doh like so

Bullies and braggarts are big and bad as long as nobody takes them on. They can run their mouth and insult everybody but as soon as you fling a little stone at them, they bawling murder! Police!

Who in NDC is blocking the way of Khem Drones and his disciples? In fact, is he a card-carrying member? It shows the undemocratic nature of the man that he cannot respect the choice of the party’s delegates when they elect people he can’t control or doesn’t like.

If he loves NDC so much and really wants his former leader, Dr. Mitch, to lose, why is he trying to undermine public confidence in the party? If NDC members and supporters don’t realise that they have created and continue to feed a political monster, he will bring about the destruction of the party.

How can a man who claims to be leading youths for change behave in the same arrogant, insulting and disrespectful way as his former leader? His way is the only way that’s why he curses the churches, the civil society and anyone who doesn’t share his egotistical viewpoints.

NDCites and Grenadians, the House is falling because the pillars are gone. Dr. Mitch is out of gas and so is his party. Now is the time for ALL patriotic Grenadians to join forces with the Congress and get rid of this dictatorship once and for all. Don’t let lazy drones sidetrack you!

Another Kayak