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Do not perpetuate this degree myth

I noticed in your article on possible replacements for Keith Mitchell in the NNP, it was stated that a certain person did not have a college degree and so is seemingly disqualified for consideration. That apparent bar is utter nonsense.

Firstly, I am not a member of any political party in Grenada and so, do not have a dog (no pun intended) in that race.

There are tons of leaders who do not have university degrees and perform with distinction; although that is more prevalent in the business world… note the late Steve Jobs and tonnes of others in industry.

Topmost in the political sphere was Winston Churchill, George Washington, Fredrick Douglas and many others. Urias Buzz Butler also comes to mind. Am sure your readers will think of others.

This degree thing is a left-over from our colonial past as a way of disqualifying. An immediate end should be put to that trope.

Good leaders have a long history of doing good things. Look around and grade those who offer up themselves accordingly.

So I am asking that we do not perpetuate this degree myth any further.

George Pundit