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Disgusting situation!!!

I want to draw to the attention of the powers-that-be the disturbing situation which exists in the St. George’s Market Square area.

I have been looking for some time now at what has been taking place at the Market Square particularly on the Halifax Street end.

How many years has elapsed since the construction/refurbishing of the St. George’s Market Square buildings? There are two buildings lying vacant since the commissioning of the facility. Why is it that they have not been leased or rented in order to earn revenue?

Secondly, the demolition of the eye sore JAMROCK which existed on part of the square is indeed a welcome thing. Now, was there an allocation of the original funds for the completion of the construction on that space? There should have been/must have been; therefore I look forward to see the commencement of work early in the new year in order to facilitate potential vendors.

Further, I do not understand why it is that the Market Authority has been permitting some vendors to put their wears/products outside of the rails, which no doubt was intended to enable prospective purchasers to have a more comfortable space on the steps when doing their purchases free from the traffic .

We find there the goods of every trader of the steps forcing purchasers to have to stand in the road to do so. Are they, the Market Authority and the police waiting for a grave accident to occur before the proper action takes place? Have they not learned a lesson from the crime which took place in that area not too long ago because of not taking the proper action?

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Come on! Please cause the steps to be cleared of all goods thus enabling customers to have more comfort and to be free from any accident.

Simeon Green