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Dictator, please retire from politics

I read an article on NOW GRENADA in which the new Opposition Leader was described as a guiding light in Parliament.

This article is Pure B.S. What honorable example can we expect from the ex-PM, Keith C. Mitchell & now the Opposition Leader in Parliament to be?

How can this man who many see as nothing but Satan’s Disciple be a Guiding Light in Parliament? This man is a Demon!!!

There is not a single honourable bone in this old individual – the Doc is the example of alledged shady dealings, corruption, vengeance and of him being an outright closet Dictator.

Many of us believe that the Ex-PM operated like some little nasty mob boss, with his malicious wrongdoing and behaviour in office aimed at instilling fear in people.

The Doc was very evil and cruel to some people – the late Dorset Charles is one good example and another is Gemma Bain-Thomas.

The very slippery and underhand dealings of Keith C. Mitchell got Grenada the international nickname of “Cesspit of the Caribbean.” It is time indeed to Clean-Up the epidemic corruption that flourished under Keith Mitchell and RISE ABOVE THOSE DAYS.

That was really a dark and really sleazy and corrupt period in the history of Grenada. Shameful. This is why the people voted out the dictator from office on June 23 and gave the job to someone else.

Time for Grenada to re-establish its respected & trusted image in the International Community – not as the Corrupt, Dirty Place run by a sleazy, wicked Tyrant – as it was made to be.

Doc Mitchell is no Guiding Light but just an example of all that was evil and so wrong in that regime!!!

Time for Keith Mitchell to step aside and damn RETIRE. He has overstayed his welcome.

Grenada Diaspora