Defy the court

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell has again publicly demonstrated that he is the undisputed supreme leader who determines whether or not the ruling of the High Court in Grenada has merit and will be honoured or ignored.

In his latest GBN Radio interview, Dr. Mitchell defended his government’s decision NOT TO PAY Dorset Charles whose Watersports business was bulldozed and destroyed in 1995 by the NNP Government.

The Court heard the arguments from both sides and ruled that Dorset Charles had legitimate access to the beach land given to him by the government led by Prime Minister, the late Ben Jones.

Another High Court decision Prime Minister Dr. Mitchell is ignoring is the ruling against his government to compensate former Cabinet Secretary, Gemma Bain-Thomas who his government upon taking power in 2013 sidelined.

His defense was to lay blame on the previous government and tell plenty of lies. Again, the High Court heard the arguments of both the Government and Mrs Bain-Thomas on the legitimacy of her employment and concluded that she ought to be compensated. Three years and counting and Prime Minister Mitchell is yet to pay a cent.

This is the behaviour of mobs, gangsters, bad boys – the evil of society. The question is where are the good people in civil society to speak out against mob rule?

Are the members of Dr. Mitchell’s Cabinet mere followers – afraid to tell him that his behaviour sets a horrible example to the citizens of the nation he governs?

Time to speak out Emmalin Pierre, Yolande Bain-Horsford, Delma Thomas, Kate Lewis, Clarice Modeste-Curwen, Pamela Moses, and Kindra Maturine-Stewart.

Clearly, these female MP’s are fearful of losing face and their prominent position in the political life of the nation. Of Course to lose favour with the Supreme Leader is to lose economic strength and power.

As a resident of South St. George and specifically Grand Anse, I am feeling the anger and excruciating pain of fellow resident, Mr. Dorset Charles.

Twenty five years ago, I was on Grand Anse Beach 5.30 a.m. in the morning, watching the heartless driver of a bulldozer, protected by the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) savagely destroying a fleet of expensive watersport crafts.

I am appalled that good Grenadian Christian and their voices are all silent, allowing the work of the devil to take deep root.

As a former General Secretary of the Trade Union Council and Workers’ Representative in the Senate, I call on Prime Minister Mitchell to allow the Godly side of him to be manifested.

Sir, please Pay the two citizens of Grenada – the court has ruled in their favour and that ought to be final.

Dr. Keith, you are sending the wrong signal to the country that court orders should be disobeyed.

You are seen as a Prime Minister who is using your power as Minister of Finance to defy the ruling of the judges.

Rae Roberts

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