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Damage control needed

I want to comment on the decision of Keith Mitchell and NNP in April to resume selling passports to Russians.

It is for me the ugliest message from the Caribbean since many years. This man has no character and no conscience. Undermining the international sanctions against Russia and Belarus means joining the side of Putin.

Russians engaged in opposition can receive special visas and residencies in Western European countries. They are not the people needing purchased passports. Those who profited from the corrupt Russian system and stroke it rich are those looking for additional passports. It is a shame to support them in today’s situation.

Is there a complete documentation for the approval processes? Was a proper due diligence done? Did Europol cooperate and give their approval? The corrupt former PM must be taken to court if there is only the slightest violation of Grenadian laws. The passports should be declared invalid if it is legally possible.

Did the man think for a second about the international impact of his detestable conduct? The potential risk is to drag Grenada on the radar of the USA. It is not at all unthinkable that the US may penalise Grenada for undermining the sanctions to which Grenada has committed to adhere.

There are loads of examples for these consequences. Keith Mitchell has put Grenada’s reputation and wellbeing at risk for a few thousand US dollars (in which pocket?).

The current government is well advised to do some damage control which includes a clear statement of distancing itself of the wrong-doing of the predecessor.

National Onlooker