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CPL poor planning

So the greatest party in sports has started, and four out of the first six games have been ‘washed out.’ Even Robin Maharaj could have advised when “rain in dey xxxxzzzzyyyy” would be upon us. August and September is the most horrendous rainfall period in the eastern Caribbean since ‘Jesus was a boy.’

Why are the West Indian people being treated so shabbily by an incompetent CWI, through their franchise holder of the CPL, who do not have the balls to secure a period on the ICC calendar which will be satisfactory for games to be played in good weather?

Predicting the weather is almost a miracle, but the entire population of the West Indies knows when rain is expected and when it is not. How can West Indies cricket improve when the people at the helm have no clue about organising anything?

The CWI, their agents, and all the high-paid persons around them are a waste of time. Can the various boards, whether from the islands or the regional teams get people who have West Indies cricket at heart to carry out the functions of the board?

I do not expect anything from the sub-committee set up by Caricom recently because more incompetence has reared its ugly head.

As I pen this note, the weather forecast for St. Lucia for the next fourteen days is rain every day except for the 29th, 30th, and 31st August. As such, we might get in three games if there are any scheduled for those days. After that, the CPL switches to Trinidad, and guess what, it is forecasted to rain like that for another fourteen days.

Can we get a good gardener on the board so that he can interpret the McDonald’s almanac so that you will know when to schedule games and when not to?

It is time for the cricket-loving public in the West Indies to sue the CWI for robbing us for the last twenty years and for selling out our future in cricket to the owners of the CPL. Looking for any cricket-loving lawyer who will take up the case pro bono. It is an easy case to win as you will have about four million witnesses.

Larry Sooklalsingh