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Country before party

The National Democratic Congress must be commended for putting aside political differences to meet with the Prime Minister in an effort to find ways of dealing with the current Covid crisis. It shows maturity and a great sense of responsibility by the NDC leadership to recognise that the fight against Covid requires all hands on board.

While it is true that the government dropped the ball with the 48 hour quarantine as well as its inability or unwillingness to enforce the ban on large gatherings, the most immediate and pressing problem is how to contain and eventually stop the deadly spread of Covid.

Notwithstanding the need for co-operation among all parties and sectors at this time, the NDC must remain vigilant. The party has to monitor national developments, especially regarding the Electoral Office. Mitchell and the NNP must not be allowed to do their nasty deeds under the cover of Covid. NDC has to gather its ammunition to fire at the appropriate time.

On another note, although related, it was disgusting to hear Kem Jones bashing the NDC for meeting with the government on the Covid issue. This virus doesn’t recognise party colours or individual status. That young man started off well but he has become arrogant, swell-headed and disrespectful. His comments reveal how shallow and self-centered he has become. Now is the time for united action, not petty partisan politicking. The people will deal with the NNP at the polls. Kudos to the NDC for putting country first!

Anique Rainford