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Corruption in SEED

The way SEED is designed no one person should be authorised to collect these monies in bulk.

There has to be an authorisation of the collector process including presentation of the photo ID of the recipient. LETTER OF AUTHORISATION, etc.

Also SEED money is not to be distributed at party offices. But NNP keeps doing it. Reduction of fiduciary risk was a concern for the World Bank which helped streamline the various government assistance programmers into one programme called SEED.

Before SEED was designed, all the money was collected in the name of a public officer and some would conveniently disappear from the Ministry of Social services

Once they blamed a female public officer for problems in the poor relief assistance programme – they blame her even if it was taken away from her by the powers-that-be. Ask Yolande Bain-Horsford about that. Please don’t forget the song from Black Wizard about corruption in the programme under the same Minister Bain-Horsford.

I’m not saying that the minister stole any money because I don’t think she is that kind of a person but there were flaws in the system under her watch and stealing of funds took place.

The NNP had its time and massive fraud took place – that is small stuff that was reported in the NEW TODAY this past week.

The arrests are tokenism and voter sensitive just as SEED is misused and misapplied. But the curtains are coming down. NNP, the children of CHAOS, are afraid of what is coming because of what they have done and condoned. They will never enjoy the seat of power again. Watch.