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Congrats Dominic

As I extend  congratulations to Mr. Dominic Jeremiah. it also brings back memories of my first encounter with 4 young men in the early seventies at the now new Crochu burial ground.

They were Dominic Jeremiah , Ajamu Mitchell, Willie and another named Danny. That is the history. Our plan was to make a music band on my  return from the UK to Grenada. That was also the birth of the popular band TR7 plus.

However, young Ben had to pursue his studies and had to drop out. He is an excellent guitar player. But as you can see God had other plans for this talented young man. He later became the Principal of PBC, and now will be CEO in the Ministry of Education.

We must wish him well, and I know that this patriotic son will serve the Ministry and Country well. I see this appointment fitting with the new agenda as proposed by our Government, and that will contribute greatly towards national development.

Well done Ben. The band will have to wait until…..but we can still plan a little musical gig some time.

Cuthbert McQueen (former Culture Minister)