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Concerns about the EC dollar

Many are wondering what will happen next with the E.C dollar?

Well it seems it would be too expensive right now to take the Queen’s head off. We can be sure that when possible Caribbean figures will be put on the notes.

Meanwhile, the most important thing is to stay tied to the U.S dollar. This is why the EC dollar has a higher value than the Trinidad and Jamaican dollar. These countries decided years ago that they could ‘float’ their dollars on the World Market but the value is decided by the demand.

There is no demand for a Third World small currency, whereas demand is high for the US dollar. We need to stay strong and stay tied to the US dollar!!

I also want to say that I always feel sad when I hear of someone rescued from the sea who then dies because no one was around who knew how to revive them.

There are people who choke and people who have heart attacks who can be saved by quickly doing CPR.  You do not have to be a trained person to do this. Of course, it’s good to have hundreds of people trained in these things but I feel that it would be possible to spread these methods to thousands around the island.

In a short demonstration shown often on TV,  also in pamphlets or leaflets widely distributed and also  posters widely displayed in visible places, clinics, supermarkets, restaurants, and clubs.

We never know the minute we could be needed, and know what to do to save a life.

Heather Sylvester