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Come on RGPF

Grenada, we agree, has an upsurge of crime and violence. Truthfully this escalation is serious but it is not worse than in the diaspora.

We all want the best for our country so that we can return to our once peaceful land where I was able to go outside any hour of the night to my vehicle or sit in the verandah and feel safe as no one was going to do me one thing.

I felt a deep sense of security and safety. As a matter of fact I slept with my window open on the ground floor many nights when the heat was too much.

While we are now afraid to do those things here I say to our Diaspora please do not act as if where you reside is heaven; because we know that some of you have to carry guns and cannot stand outside your gates, nor walk the street alone at night, or even at day time.

You cannot drive in certain areas, or have your window down while driving. If a stranger was to ask for water in a home he or she might be killed.

Let me tell some of you that New York is no bed of roses and people feel unsafe on trains and even just walking the streets in New York sometimes.

So Mr. Editor, please tell them diaspora comrades do not make us out to be worse than any other country. The world is in a state now.

Yes, Grenada has to clean up this foolish upsurge of crime now plaguing our beautiful Isle of Spice and quickly too. I want to have a peaceful and crime free Carnival. So please tell the Law Enforcement men to work fast please.

However, you know the diaspora is no better than us and I know we are safer than some of them, so please they should not paint us so bad please I beg you tell them home is still safer than in the USA, UK or wherever they are.

Trust me the RGPF must get this current upsurge in crime under control. Even if they have to bring down some of the diaspora army men and women and police officers to help – go right ahead.

They could even get Scotland Yard to help investigate or get some US, England and Caribbean Forces to come in but ah doe think we reach dey yet.

But the thing is why are the Police not picking up all the leaders and throwing them in jail and yes torturing them till they tell the names of every member of the gang and picking up all of them too.

We have to get this gang thing under control quickly as we want a peaceful, happy and successful Carnival like last year.

Mr. Editor, let the people make some money please. Tell the Police get these fools now, please Grenada is begging for the Police Command to unite and stop this crime in our land.

The City Dweller