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Come again “Bogo”

The Omerta’ code of silence is part of the initiation of members of the Sicilian Mafia. Perhaps there is an Omerta code of silence by the Members of the Central Committee of the NJM which seized power in 1979 and formed the PRG.

I am making this statement in response to something that I read a few weeks ago in THE NEW TODAY about one Leon “Bogo” Cornwall.

For “Bogo” Cornwall to opine that Mr. Ian St. Bernard is incorrect to clear his conscience is unconscionable.

Correctly, he states that nothing “new” has been said. That he chooses to forget that many Grenadians know who and what transpired is foolish and laughable.

Time will not change the facts Mr. Cornwall, nor will the silence of those sworn to keep it in their collective guilt. We know who moved against Bishop and why.

That you refer to … “With all sorts of dangers facing us… we made a serious mess and caused serious pain” is self-serving rubbish, and you know it. “Hot-headed youthfulness” indeed Mr. Bogo Cornwall?

And were not these “dangers” all part of the “collective” psychosis of the “Hot-headed Youth”, designed as an excuse for the abuse of all manufactured “Enemies and Counters”?

How many of these “Counters” were ever brought to Court and Tried or convicted for any crime? You refuse to speak of the evil of October 19th, but will you tell us of the evil perpetuated against Winston Simon AKA “Broko”of Tivoli? It is documented in a memorandum of the Advisory Council to His Excellency Sir Paul Scoon and dated May 14th 1984.

Was the torture of Mr. Simon “hot-headed youthfulness”? Was the disfigurement of his penis, the wetting down with salt and pepper water, the crushing of his fingers with a gun butt and the shooting of his feet “youthfulness” Mr. Cornwall?

Do you have any idea who pushed his head down into a drum of old oil? While this torture was taking place, Mr. Winston “Broko” Simon was handcuffed and unable to protect himself from this unimaginable abuse. Do you Mr. Cornwall have any idea who perpetuated these crimes and if you do, will you say Mr. Cornwall?

You are seriously deluded if you believe that had the US not send in the Troops to end the PRG/RMC’s reign of terror the Revolution would have survived the execution of Bishop. That statement tells us the thinking of Bishop’s executioners.

That on Sunday 23rd of October 1983, members of the Grenada Chamber of Commerce were summoned to Butler House with the message to tell “Imperialism” that “everything alright”, is the proof of belief in that statement.

It is true that the “march along the revolutionary process” would have continued, but we know the methodology already being used to ensure the march would also have continued. Would there be ten, twenty or perhaps thirty thousand “Broko’s” in Revolutionary Grenada? Are you Mr. Cornwall, happy to keep silent about this too?

Mr. St. Bernard was released during the Preliminary Inquiry into Bishop’s murder, perhaps there was good reason he was, and you not. Perhaps he has had more than enough of the charade “others” are engaged in Mr. Cornwall, and so he has said his piece. That is his prerogative and he is to be commended for it. He has as you say his difficulties, perhaps they are his Demons and he has decided to rid himself of them.

Yes Mr. Cornwall, the Broko’s and other victims of the PRG are dying young, so perhaps some feel that their suffering and abuse has been forgotten? It has not Mr. Cornwall, it has not.

Grenada would like to know what you are prepared to truthfully tell us Mr. Cornwall that we do not already know. As an ordained Minister of religion, surely you know that confession is good for the soul?

We look forward to yours.

The Revo Priest