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Civil war in NNP St Patrick West

The sitting MP, Tony B has been sidelined by the Doc and an unelected so-called caretaker is now overseeing the spending of taxpayers money.

The “caretaker” has pushed aside all of the old NNP stalwarts and only listens to the two ex-NDC men from Mt Craven.

The old guard NNPites have turned to a man who had earlier tried to get the nod on the NNP ticket but failed. He then turned to TGM and next, NDC. He is now contemplating a run as an independent.

In an interesting development, this character and the sitting MP spent hours together at a cook up at the bar of a heavyweight old guard NNP in Chantimelle.

For the past few months, the younger brother of D Chief, has been accompanying the “caretaker” in a bid to drum up support.

Things are looking grim for green because all of the factions are claiming to have evidence of serious wrongdoing by the others.

St Patrick people are watching the drama unfold.

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