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Cheap talking Minister of National Security

The stabbing of two police officers in town is no incident when you listen to the Prime Minister’s statement about the Regis shooting in Fontenoy since he placed blame squarely on the police and empower and incite this man to do what he did last week.

It is sad that during the Covid time when government ministers and Permanent Secretaries were resting comfortable at their homes eating lobster and shrimps and drinking all sorts of expensive liquors, the police were running the country and all of a sudden they are now out like pot hounds yapping all over social media and making all sorts of derogatory statements about police.

Mr. Prime Minister, is it true that after you use, abuse and misuse people you treat them like dirt? Is this how you would treat the RGPF and the Commissioner of Police?

I believe we need a Commissioner like the one in Trinidad – one who would stand up for his men and women in uniform and out of uniform and not one who will continue to suck the breast of these political cobras as their mouth is inflamed with venom.

Please look out as election is around the corner next year and this man is trying to protect his political identity in his constituency.

Shame on you – you are not the Minister of National Security but N….sy Security Minister.

It’s time that all police officers in the RGPF wake up and see what is taking place and listen to what is said.

As a former police officer, I am ashamed and appalled by this as the last officer that was stabbed to death was Brentie from Vendome, another Traffic officer. May his soul rest in peace.

All this thing about running down a man with a spliff – well you are the Prime Minister. Why not change the law as drug is drug, whether it’s one spliff or one hundred.

Why not go in parliament and change the law? PM, you are not doing it but instead you are there lambasting police officers for doing their work.

Mr. Prime Minister, you should be ashamed of yourself – maybe with age your eyes are getting dim and cannot see clearly and this is what is going on I guess.

Sir, maybe you will like to see a few more police dead and it will please you well.

Retired Superintendent

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