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Change in mindset needed

For generations, our politicians have taught our people to vote based on the same false promises (that are repeated every 5 years) and on handouts which, for some, include purchasing drinks in a rum shop or giving them a few dollars wrapped in a T-shirt.

Changing our people’s mindset and elevating their thinking are essential for both a healthy democracy and nation building.

Some of our politicians over the years have prioritised their own personal interests and desire for power over the health of our democracy and they seem to have no concern about the socio-economic dynamics of our nation.

All they want are the votes of the people and the more people they can keep misinformed and uninspired the better their chances of winning elections.

Sadly, therefore, a very large percentage of our population still vote based on handouts and false promises and not based on what’s good for the country.

Sir Eric Gairy did a lot to help liberate many of our poor people from the mistreatments of the plantocracy but over the past couple of decades the plantocracy mistreatments have been replaced by a more sophisticated level of mistreatment by some members of the political class.

Some of our political leaders have deliberately kept a large percentage of our population misinformed, dependent and in some cases ignorant so they can be exploited for votes so that those politicians can continue to stay in power.

A significant percentage of our people have been rendered helpless and hopeless and made to believe that their livelihoods are dependent only on their loyalty and support for certain politicians.

There are villages in Grenada that have been among the poorest in the country for generations and, after voting for the same politician and/or the same political party for 3 decades, they are still (statistically) among the poorest on the island. Yet, they continue to believe that these politicians care about them.

If we cannot change the mindsets of our people, our democracy will continue to be compromised and the degradation of our society will accelerate.

Our people need to pay more attention to character, credibility, vision, state of the nation, etc than to whether or not a political leader paid for a few drinks in a rum shop.

The fact is that if we do not make some changes in managing the affairs of our country, there won’t be enough rum in Grenada to mask our pain and drown our sorrows.

The Peaceful Prince