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Can the Private Sector regulate itself?

Watching television this morning, I found myself dumbfounded at the stupidity, ignorance and laziness of our politicians both past and present about a commotion about toxic metal in Baby Food in Ottawa and Washington D.C.

Our regulatory system in both Canada and the USA is effective only as to the actions they carry out, and whom they inspect and when.

You have Provinces and States that have many food processors, stock and slaughterhouses, packaging plants as well, while the number of public inspectors is very small.

In Ontario you have over a hundred such plants, but maybe we are lucky to have a few dozen inspectors, who visit these plants when they can, not monthly but perhaps semi-annually.

The trust our public officials have in the private sector can be explained in a few ways, like for example the public sector refuses to increase our taxes at a level where manufacturers and processors are continually regulated by our employees, not private employees.

The public does not want their taxes to go up, yet they demand the government and the private sector to assure that manufactured, grown and processed products are healthy, safe and regulated.

Why rely upon the private sector to regulate itself?

(1). If private sector firms regulate themselves, there is no cost to the public sector, but a large cost to the consumer. It is not free folks.

(2). The public sector simply does not understand much of the manufacturing, producing and harvesting processes to make good regulators, therefore rely upon the private experts.

(3). The private sector has undue power and influence over our public sector. The Private sector often funds the public sector, and when public sector politicians, inspectors and employees retire from public service who do you think gives them well-paying jobs in the private sector? One hand washes the other!

Years ago, during the 1880’s-1930’s manufacturers ruled their own world with little or no regulatory authority telling them what to do. Cough Syrup was made locally in North America, and you know what was often placed in this product used by adults and children alike? Cocaine!

This product was widely available, and often used in many products as a means of creating consumer addiction to said products. Strangely, the amount of cocaine in children’s formulas was higher than in adults. Why?

Using this cough syrup, the child cried less, slept more, making it easier for their parents. Side effects were numerous, such as babies dying in their cribs from overdoses of the syrup.

By the way, when Ice Cream was first manufactured in the USA, the product was a smash hit with customers, that is until hundreds of consumers got ill and many died from some strange illness.

It was poisoning from the ice cream, which contained preservatives and even cocaine to make the product freeze quicker, stay frozen and taste better.

In British Columbia and Alberta, the Forestry Sector harvests the precious resource found there, and has faced the challenge of forest fires that continually threaten in province communities.

Why is it only the Government’s responsibility to fight forest fires when these huge Corporations profit from these said forestry products?

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The Forestry Sector pressures the government to allow them access to these products, so why not place responsibility upon these corporations to maintain the forest, prevent and fight forest fires?

Long term planning is required, and corporations think only in the short term, seeking immediate profits. Our politicians do not have the courage to force responsibility upon these corporate harvesters.

When the public allows the private sector to regulate itself, they put the lives and safety of their families and community at risk. Going back to the issue of Baby Food, we find over 2000 times the amount of metals allowable by public authority.

Yes, many children are being slowly poisoned, their brains and nervous systems being attacked by foreign materials never meant to be in their bodies.

Both the private and public sector knew about these levels, but like COVID-19 Vaccinations and their side effects upon some members of society, a few ill or dying people over the long haul is allowable.

Yes, everything comes down to numbers. If a million children’s immune systems pass these metals out of their system disallowing any major effects upon their health so be it. A few bad apples is allowable and to be expected right?

The Government’s job is to protect its citizens, yet we often see the rights of Big Business overshoot our public regulators, policies and laws. I guess he who has the most lawyers will often win the day. Big Corp is the prime employer of Legal Eagles in North America.

Ethnic Foods and Medicines, available in your local stores, Chinatowns and ethnic Marketplaces often do not explain what is contained in said packages.

A simple and popular cough syrup, which sells in the millions in North America does not have an ingredient label to explain the many chemicals within it. Does it contain harmful ingredients? Who knows!!!

The private sector exists to make as much profit for itself and for its shareholders. That is it folks. Corporate North America does not exist to fully, intentionally and empathetically do business with the public need in mind. WHAT THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH, THEY WILL DO!

Cutting costs, replacing costly but safer ingredients with often unknown fillers and preservatives has been the corporate way since time memorial.

No, we cannot rely upon the private sector, corporate management and ownership to do what is right for the consumer. I have seen items built and installed that could not meet the customer’s written requirements, but clients almost always do not inspect their products, and are pleased that they function to begin with.

HOW ABOUT YOU? Before you feed your child, family or friends will you inspect all the ingredients of a product or food? Are there corporate and governmental assurances available for said products safety?

Demand transparency and accountability at all times. No one else will. The public consumer is the victim of corporate intrusion into their lived space.

In other words, trust no one but yourselves, for in the long run your children, family and community truly have no one else to protect them, or face blame for not doing so.

Steven Kaszab
Bradford, Ontario