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Can spring be far behind?

It was the English poet – Byssha Shelley in his “Ode to the West Wind” who opined – “If winter comes can Spring be far behind?”

April marks the early month of Spring, which signals the regeneration of life after the winter hibernation in the temperate climatic world; even in tropical Grenada where we have the warm sunshine all year round and witness the blossoming of the (new) tender foliage of green, as mother nature reminds us of the beauty of our physical world – while our bougainvillea, flamboyant and the immotile combine to greet the eye in colourful symphony.

And so, it is – as we observe the resurgence of life in the natural world, we are reminded that the socio-political climate of our “dear land of Grenada” is our constant concern – as we approach the coming of the dawn of a new era – a new dispensation; around April 2023 after the results of the general election is announced.

Grenada is blessed with “a beautiful physical landscape and inhabit a region of rich and valuable associations, of vibrant exchanges and complex cultural interaction”, which define our Caribbean space, as a unique part of the global environment.

With all of the above, together with our rich agricultural soil, adequate rainfall and the constant flow of our rivers and streams, the country is still a net importer of food with an unacceptable rising import bill – in the millions of U.S. Dollars, which is a stark reminder of an agricultural country with NO FOOD SECURITY after 48 years of “political” independence.

Added to the list – it is as if the socio-political destiny of Grenada is deliberately structured to keep Grenadians in constant poverty, as we witness the governance deficit and victimisation – after almost half a century of self-governance.

Let us not delude ourselves into believing that the above scenario would improve; if anything, it would worsen, as the oppressor converts the electoral process into a deceptive work of art in “winning” 15 seats; if vigilance of the electoral process by the opposition NDC is abandoned, and Grenada becomes in the words of Naipaul – a “3rd world, 3rd’s world” backward dictatorship.

Among the countries of the Windward Islands;

Grenada is at the bottom, if not – close to the bottom, in the empowerment and advancement of its people, who are rapidly becoming 2nd class citizens in our country as the neo-colonial government strike secret deals, in giving away our prized possession (our lands) to foreigners (Echoes of the CBI programme), while the working man has to scramble for a small house lot or squat in order to build a plywood shelter to survive. Is that the living standard we deserve in 2022 and beyond?

With all the natural resources of the State, and the ingenuity of our people, we must not be content with the existing backward status quo – in what is perceived to be a corrupt government, where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

This is why WE THE PEOPLE must take our destiny into our hands and initiate the SPRING of a new vision which should “not be far behind” in the formation of a just, equitable and prosperous society (Paradise regained)

Norris Mitchell