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Call to action

On Friday, November 6, 2020, my daughter left home to attend school at the Anglican High School in Tanteen, St. George. When she arrived close to the school, she fell on some gravel that was in the road and bruised her foot.

This is not something new as the trucks often drop gravel and sand on the roads on their way to their destination. My question is – if she had broken some part of her body or if she had become incapacitated, who would have taken responsibility?

I am therefore making a clarion call to the authorities to make the truck drivers/owners accountable for their actions of negligence by enforcing the law. I am also appealing to the truck drivers/owners to be more responsible. You have a duty to exercise due care on the nation’s roads.

Properly secure your materials so that it does not spill on the road and endanger the lives of pedestrians and motorists alike. This happened to my daughter but none of us is immune. It can happen to your mother, your father, your sister, your aunt or even yourselves.

I did my part by sweeping up the gravel, please do your part truck drivers/owners and law enforcers. Can you imagine the negative publicity Grenada would get if a tourist falls on gravel on our nation’s road? Or more so if they become incapacitated?

Let us be proactive and not wait until something worse happens. This is an urgent call to action!

Merryl Phillip-Sylvester

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