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Bye, bye Keith Mitchell

Same old song, Mr. Prime Minister.

You said nothing new in the national address. You sang the same old song over, again and again.

Mr. Prime Minister, you failed to remember that this is the same Grenada where you are the longest serving Prime Minister and under your watch you blatantly refused to honour the High Court orders touching and concerning Dorset Charles and Gemma Bain Thomas matters.

Years after, they continue to suffer right here, in the same Grenada.

Mr. PM, let me refresh your memory since we are living in the same country and not two different countries.

Mr. Prime Minister, this is the same Grenada where crooks and conmen are making ma-wet with the Government.

The high percentage of failed projects we would love to forget but they could haunt us till death. Think of Levera, Mt. Hartman, Victoria Chicken & Shrimp Farm and this list goes on and on.

Mr. Prime Minister, this is the same Grenada that brag and boast of a boom in the economy with the emergence of the oil industry.

Quite prudently, we have saved enough money which allows us to be secured financially hence we can ably afford huge sums on legal fees, repurchasing GRENLEC and who vex, vex.

This was absolutely necessary to crush the monopoly and to lower the cost of electricity.

Here in our beautiful country, thirty million for Traffic Lights to make the place look nice and bright but just lasting for a while.

Also, one million every month to keep our airport from falling down due to lack of generated funds.

Mr. PM, it is not funny as this is the same Grenada that seems to be printing its own money and off on a spending spree.

Yet, we are treating our Teachers and Public Officers with scant courtesy. They must wait according to your dictate and the fiscal space.

Even the blind can see your mis-placed priorities. You have tried you best and it’s about time you take a rest.

Please remember this is the same Grenada where the people voices are getting louder and they are demanding much better.

Shaka Mitchell