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Buying cheaply

There are no limits to what one can do and accomplish in this lifetime.

Our people are consumers, making important decisions everyday about buying goods and services.

The trend here in Grenada is that most people buy low cost and poor quality items for the most part because of limited options and affordability.

What are our values?? What is our rationale when making purchases?

Buying cheaply does not necessarily or always translate into cost savings.

Many stores sell poor quality goods which will deteriorate quickly and have a short lifespan, but they expect persons to spend their hard earned money and buy without much guarantee.

What is the difference between buying a name brand shoe and an imitation??

The places where we shop tell a lot about us, as well as the items purchased.

Here are a few things to consider:-

(1). Do you look for quality and durability over affordability?

(2). Do you focus on how long is it expected to last?

(3). Do you ask, ‘can it do the job effectively without problems or effort’?

(4). Is it a good fit for the intended purpose?

(5). Do you pay attention to the country of origin and material used?

As consumers, we should be prepared to save money and time over an extended period of time rather than having to repair and or replace an item.

What drives your decision to purchase anything, such as a stove or a mattress or a pair of shoes?

Cultivate the habit of always doing research before making any decision – asking the right questions.

Buying cheaply can obviously cost much more in the long run – Think Quality!!

Buying cheaply can erode savings and make one poorer – Think Saving!!

If we don’t demand better we will continue to get what we encourage and support.

Health and Peace Ambassador