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Bring back Uncle Tilly

I have been listening to all those who have been speaking their minds on the present political situation in the country.

Let me declare that I am a strong supporter of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) since the days of George Brizan, Dr. Alexis and Phinsley St. Louis through thick and thin since I believe in the motto –“ Let the people’s voices be heard”.

Our Congress party will not die despite losing many times to the one-man party that is the NNP. NNP should worry for themselves what might become of their own party when Mitchell is no longer around.

Right now, we do not have a leader of national standing among those who are coming forward to present themselves at the upcoming convention.

I am fully conscious of the fact that Grenadians like to ask who is the Leader of the party when they want to make a decision on who to put as the Prime Minister.

I have been looking at our political situation closely and will throw in my two pence here and now since I believe that we have to get rid of the Keith Mitchell cancer that has unfortunately taken root in the country and producing a rotten society.

What it is that Keith Mitchell has done to put him alongside the likes of Sir Eric and Comrade Maurice – the two most progressive Prime Ministers in the country?

This Mitchell man from Happy Hill is a stooge of the rich people in the country under the guise of being for the poor man.

Here is my suggestion for the NDC in the interest of Grenada – ask Uncle Tilly to come out of retirement for at least a 3-year period to lead a coalition of the best persons in the opposition in the country to remove the dictator from power.

The Grenadian people trust Uncle Tilly and know that he is not corrupt and power hungry but is a simple peasant from rural Grenada who will not do deals under the table with the so-called foreign investors who are now running this country with Mitchell in power as their little puppet.

Within the next three years, a possible successor to Uncle Tilly should emerge who the country can trust with the power entrusted to them.

I do not have Dr. Patrick Antoine in mind period as he looks to be another smart man like Keith Mitchell. I am still waiting to hear Dr. Antoine criticise the policies of the NNP that have taken us into a debt trap.

I suspect that Dr. Antoine cannot walk that road and criticise the NNP boss man as he was on the campaign trail with them as the architect of the so-called building of a New Economy.

By the way, where does Dr. Antoine plan to run in an election. I don’t know which constituency he is eyeing at the moment.

I have an inner feeling that Dr. Antoine is waiting for Mitchell to lose power and then return to NNP to try and get the leadership of that party.

Grenada is a two-party country and Dr. Pat will only split opposition forces for Mitchell to remain in office in the upcoming election.

The problem with Dr. Antoine is that many people will speak to him but will not tell him that they will not vote for him as leader of the country because they do not trust him.

I have a feeling that he will get a rude awakening if he is fooled by those who smile and grin with him but when the time comes to put that X in the ballot box it might not be for him.

My suggestion to my party is for Uncle Tilly to be brought back to put together this coalition along with Michael Baptiste, the current Leader of the Opposition Tobias Clement who can easily win the North-east seat if Congress people vote for him, the current Senators in Parliament and some of the more progressive youths in the country who are rearing to go.

I will tell my party that a lot of the candidates in the last election should not be on the ballot again like Persuader, Phillip Alexander, Claudette Joseph who is seen as the equivalent of the Barrel Lady (Joan Purcell), and the likes of Joseph Andall and Brother Ray Roberts who may have very good intentions but are not politicians.

Right now, I see Uncle Tilly as the most popular politician in the country and should not worry about coming back for a short stint as the destabilisers who plotted and brought back Mitchell in 2013 have been marginalised in the NNP and want to run from the House now but have nowhere to go for the moment.

I have faith and confidence that a Coalition led by Uncle Tilly will easily get the confidence of the people to end the reign of the dictator as the people are looking for something to emerge to bring about this change in government.

Grenadian Patriot