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Boycott Lotto games

It is grossly unfair for NLA to deny Mr. Jerome De Roche (a.k.a Stew Man) his winnings from Super6 Jackpot, stemming from 2017.

A court case was NOT warranted in the first place, when the gentleman would have presented his original signed ticket at NLA’s office, only to be led to believe the ticket was for the wrong drawing, which was later cleared up by NLA personnel that the typical Friday drawing was postponed for the subsequent Saturday. Therefore, the ticket was, in fact, for the intended Friday Super6 drawing held on the Saturday.

A re-print of the ticket was mutually desired by Mr. De Roche and NLA granted the original ticket was subsequently discarded in the midst of the confusion.

However, unscrupulous maneuvers on the part of NLA would result in seemingly great delay in issuing (and eventual denying) of an actual re-print of the ticket.

A court case was initiated by Mr. De Roche and his lawyer, and he won his case in the High Court in 2021, and NLA was ordered to pay Mr. De Roche the original sum of $540,000 with accrued varied interest rates of 3% and 6% for the time elapsed.

Instead of following the High Court’s order, NLA’s management chose to appeal the High Court’s ruling on the grounds that Mr. De Roche did not present a signed ticket in an allotted 90-day period from the time of drawing (as contractually stated on all tickets issued).

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Unfortunately, within the more stringent scope or parameter applied, Mr. De Roche would have an unfavourable ruling in the Appeal Court case recently concluded thereby overturning the High Court’s ruling.

The fair resolution to this matter would have been NLA assisting Mr. DeRoche in facilitating a re-print of the ticket at the location it was purchased within reasonable time. Because that process was not adequately facilitated to result in the re-issuing of the ticket we, Concerned Citizens, are calling on the Government of Grenada to launch a thorough investigation to get to the bottom of this matter, as to why Mr. De Roche was treated in the manner in which he has been by a statutory body of the State of Grenada.

It is only proper that the government opens such an investigation on the grounds of malfeasance (in the first instance): a serious breach of the public’s trust.

In the meantime, We, Concerned Citizens, call on members of the general public to boycott the National Lottery Authority (NLA) games with immediate effect until Mr. De Roche is paid his full winnings.

Please be encouraged to spread the word to your family members, friends, and neighbors in the community.

We can’t support blatant thievery from a statutory body because that is what it adds up to, in denying him his winnings.

Yao Atunwa