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Be wary of Randall Robinson

I am NDC to the bone but I want to warn my party that this Randall Robinson boy is a traitor and young Mitchell should start with him in purging the party of its bad habits.

Not to throw him out of the Party, but to make sure that he understands the severity of his actions.

A selfie? Really? He has not taken a photo with his political leader and has it on his Facebook page, but he and Keith dey posing.

I remember before the NDC convention Randall was heavily pushing Phillip Telesford. So, now that Dickon has won, is Randall trying to put nails in the wheels of Dickon?

These are serious times and the party needs to take serious action, and playing dolly house with Keith and the NNP is not the way to go.

I am sure Randall’s parents brought him up well. I am also sure they taught him COMMON SENSE.

Ah hope NDC people realise that it is ONLY NNP supporters who are praising Randall Robinson.

Ah hope NDC supporters see that Keith and his Crew are trying to destabilise the NDC again.

Ah hope NDC supporters know that Randall and his NNP friends are working together.

Ah hope NDC supporters know that Randall is working for Keith because he is in trouble with IRD and NIS.

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So Keith is pulling Randall’s chains.

The NDC Falcon