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Be Proactive

As I write someone has drawn my attention on social media of the raging of the sea at the Esplande Plaza seven hours ago.

The authority may claim that they clean the drains which empty in the Carenage, but for the past week the sidewalk along the Carenage in the area between the Plaza and Andall and Associates but more so between Spice Isle Imaging and the Plaza, has been hammered by the sea waves causing the silt which had been deposited in the Carenage not only to be driven up the drains causing blockages but also splashes to a height above the sidewalk.

A contributing factor may be because of climate change, such a situation was not known to occur at this time of the year many years ago. The quantity of debris/sand, gravel, etc coming down the drains is also a contributing factor making it problematic.

The force of the waves pushes the debris back into the drains which should be cleared very regularly, not only to avoid extra strain on the cleaners, but also the possibility of having to cut the road to have the drains cleared.

A close look in the area next to the Ross buildings will show that there is a measure of blockage, hence I urge the authority to be more active. Be Proactive!

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Simeon Green